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PRINS Tulips Yellow Emperor

by Prins
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Pack contains: 10 bulbs
Height: 35cm
Bulb Size: 11/12
Soil type: Loam, Sandy, Stony, Loam-based compost, Multipurpose compost

The Tulip 'Yellow Emperor' also known as 'Yellow Purissima'. The rich sunshine-gold of the blooms is just what you need to brighten your garden after a dull winter, and when these early bloomers unfurl their petals, you may be sure that winter is in full retreat.

With their early blooms, bright and vivid colours, and big flowers, These huge cup-shaped flowers have uniquely shaped silky petals that are quite wide and very long and petals open outwards as the plant matures to reveal bright yellow anthers within. Flowers are coloured black at the inside cusp at the bottom of the bloom while stems are sturdy and will generally be medium to slightly taller in height. Sword-shaped foliage provides a subdued backdrop for these vibrant flowers.

Plant bulbs late in October and November with the colder weather (it helps wipe out disease, too.) for blooming early in March and April. Yellow Emperor’ tulips can be grown in a wide range of soils, be it acid, alkaline or neutral, provided there is good drainage, performing best in a position of full sun.

These delightful spring flowering bulbs are ideal for planting in beds, borders, pots and containers in clumps during the autumn. ‘These uplifting flowers are also excellent in floral bouquets.

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