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PRINS Tulips Queen Of Night

by Prins
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Pack contains: 10 bulbs
Height: 60cm
Bulb Size: 11/12
Soil type: Loam, Sandy, Stony, Loam-based compost, Multipurpose compost 

'Queen of Night' bears deep purple tulips. Their velvety, dark maroon, single, cup-shaped flowers on straight stems are glossy, which flowers in late spring. Tulips 'Queen Of Night' was named after its dark, rich colour, ranging from deep mahogany in the sun to pitch black in the shade. These near-black tulips are absolutely incredible, its deepest purple blooms are so close to black that in certain lights they may seem pitch black. 'Queen of Night' tulips are among the best of the black tulip varieties. 

You'll want to use Tulip 'Queen of Night' in your flower arrangements, so be sure to plant enough bulbs. That way, you won't miss the stems you took indoors to admire.

Plant the tulip bulbs in autumn between October and December and expect ‘Queen of Night’ blooms to flower between April and May. Tulips are best planted in free drained, good quality, moist soils, in a location  in full sun.

These captivating spring flowering bulbs can be used in pots, beds, border or as cut flowers, like many other tulips, however, due to their uniquely dark shade they may be worth considering differently. When planting in pots, try to use lighter, preferably white pots in order to accentuate their intense darkness.

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