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PRINS Leucojum Aestivum

by Prins
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Pack contains: 10 bulbs
Height: 30cm
Bulb Size: 9/10
Soil type: Loam, Sandy, Clay, Stony, Loam-based compost, Multipurpose compost

Refresh your planting schemes with a delicate flurry of Leucojum Aestivum also known as 'Summer Snowflakes', they actually flower in spring but are incredibly long lasting- appearing in April and flowering till June.

These have multiple nodding blooms per stem, each umbel bears up to 8 nodding bell-shaped crisp delicate white flowers that are suspended from slender. With daintily pointed and green-tipped petals. Their delicate scent is attractive to bees, and from afar a good clump of these creates a fabulous dotty peppering of white which will invigorate any garden design. The plants have strappy, shiny green leaves.

Leucojum is an uncommon spring bulb that's easy, reliable and cold hardy. This tough and easy to grow perennial looks great when allowed to naturalise throughout mixed borders. Have been known to withstand flooding and standing water, it loves a touch of moisture, so they make an ideal choice for pond-side plantings or plant these in drifts around the upper edges of a pond. They look a little like giant-sized snowdrops. Get close to them though and you may detect a delicate chocolate-like perfume. Leucojum Aestivum like moist, well-drained soils.

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