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PRINS Tulips White Triumphator

by Prins
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Pack contains: 10 bulbs
Height: 50cm
Bulb Size: 11/12
Soil type: Loam, Sandy, Stony, Loam-based compost, Multipurpose compost

Tulip White Triumphator is elegant, Characterised by pure white, graceful, fluted / bowl shaped blooms on tall sturdy stems. White Triumphator' boasts soft, pure white petals arch upward to give the flower its fluted shape.

The delicate purity of the Tulip 'White Dream' can spread an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in your spring garden. The almost translucent nature of this bloom’s pristinely-white petals provide an inner glow to the flowers against the dark green of their foliage.

Tulips are popular spring-flowering bulbs, which swing into action in late-spring. Tulip bulbs should be planted in autumn (late October - November), before any frost. Find an area of soil that is well-drained, fertile and moist and plant your bulbs at twice their depth. Position in an area that you know receives plenty of sunlight but is also sheltered from harsh winds.

Perfect for rockeries, or large containers. formal landscaping, cottage gardens, Spring flower beds. It's a great choice for growing in a mixed border, It works well when grown in pots to be enjoyed in its own right on the patio.

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