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ACER Palmatum Oridono Nishiki

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Yellow-Gold Autumn Colour
Sun exposure: Dappled shade, partial shade

ACER Palmatum Oridono Nishiki is an upright Japanese Maple with variegated leaves of Green, Pink, and Cream that can change colour year-to-year for a unique surprise. It grows quickly and can reach 4 meters in height and provides beautiful multi-coloured foliage throughout the summer and autumn. Plant it in a sheltered, partially shaded spot and in well-drained, fertile soil for the best results. Enjoy vibrant colours year-round with this lovely specimen.

ACER Palmatum Oridono Nishiki is a stunning deciduous shrub characterized by its unique variegated leaves. Its vibrant cream and pink spring foliage darkens to pink, white and green in summer. It thrives in sun or partial shade, and needs to be protected from strong winds which can cause leaf damage. Perfect for small gardens or large pots.

Acer Palmatum Oridono Nishiki is an attractive Japanese maple with vibrant pink, white and cream variegated leaves in spring. Reaching up to 4m in height, its reasonably fast growth rate makes it one of the best performing varieties in the Palmatum group. A stunning addition to any landscape, this unique variety is sure to brighten up any space and add a touch of beauty.

There is a good reason why Japanese Acers are in such high demand: they are easy to grow and to care for and yet their striking looks bring plenty of interest to any garden. From its vibrant pink leaves that unfurl in the spring, to the breathtaking display of fiery foliage in autumn, Orido Nishiki maple will steal the attention in the garden for the better part of the year. As a result, it makes a perfect specimen plant, or addition to evergreen mixed shrub borders, where its colourful appearance would contrast the deep greens of the shrubs.

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