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ACER Palm 'Yeo-Nishiki' 3 Litres

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Number of units: 1
Pot: 3 Litre
Plant Type: Multi-Stemmed Shrub
Foliage Colour: Red, Cherry/Wine
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Seasons of Interest: Spring - Autumn
Soil Condition: Well-Drained
Planting Position: Full Sun, Shad
Upright, bushy growth habit, foliage brilliant red in spring, turning a cherry and wine for summer. Autumn colour fiery oranges and reds. Hardy.

Acer Palmatum Yezo Nishiki (Japanese Maple) has beautiful delicate foliage. It is a smaller and upright shrub compared to other Palmatum varieties. The foliage is brilliant red in Spring, Cherry and Wine in Summer and dark red in Autumn. The ACER Palm 'Yeo-Nishiki' 3 Litres is the perfect choice for providing year-round interest in any garden. With its tall, elegant structure and broad leaves, this Acer flourishes when planted in an acidic, sandy soil with good drainage. Mulching once yearly helps to keep waterlogging away and gives the shallow fibrous root system the boost it needs for healthy growth. Enjoy this beautiful and hardy shrub in your garden.

Japanese maple with gorgeous, season-spanning colours. It blooms in the early spring in reds to purples, has bronze tones throughout the summer, and is vibrant orange-red in the fall. Reaching up to 20 feet over time,  is an eye-catching Japanese maple with changing colours throughout the year. Its vivid springtime purple-red foliage transitions to bronze-red in summer and a stunning crimson carmine in autumn. Perfect for any garden, it's an ideal way to add a dash of red to any landscape.


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