Gardening Tools Shears, Loppers & Cutting Tools

"BUL Premier 24""/609mm Bowsaw"


BAR TCG Gift Boxed Pruners


Out of Stock

GDM Pruning Saw Fixed Handle


GDN Comfort Grass Shears Assortment


K&S Garden Life Bypass Lopper


Out of Stock

K&S Garden Life Snips


Out of Stock

K&S Folding Saw with Hand Guard

£14.99 £12.99

K&S General Hedge Shears & Ergo Pruner


K&S General Lopper & Hedge Shears

£35.97 £24.99

K&S Pruning Saw

£14.99 £12.99

K&S SS Hand Weeding Knife


Out of Stock

KF Long Handled Patio Knife


S&J Telescopic Long-Handled Patio Knife


Out of Stock

WS Ultra-Light Bypass Loppers


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