Loose Daffodils Bulbs

Please find our selection of loose bulbs below at competitive prices:


Fill A Pot Small 2Ltr
ONLY £3.49 each


Fill A Pot Large 5Ltr
ONLY £6.99 each


Loose Tulips Bulbs

35p each

ONLY 10 for £3


Loose Hyacinth Bulbs

75p each

ONLY 10 for £7


Bulb Sacks

10Kg Sacks
Aprox 130 in a 10Kg Sack
(We only hold a limited stock between orders so please hurry)

ONLY £24.99 each


PRI  Crocus Vernus Blue
PRI  Crocus Vernus Mixed
PRI  Crocus Vernus Purple
PRI  Crocus Vernus Striped
PRI  Crocus Vernus Vanguard
PRI  Crocus Vernus White
PRI  Fritillaria Imp. Red
PRI  Fritillaria Imp. Yellow
PRI  Fritillaria Persica
PRI  Fritillaria Snake's Head Lilly
PRI  Galanthus Elwesii
PRI  Hyacinthoides Hispanica Blue
PRI  Iris Dutch Light Blue
PRI  Iris Dutch Purple
PRI  Iris Dutch White
PRI  Iris Dutch Yellow
PRI  Ixia Corn Lilly Mixed
PRI  Leucojum Aestivum
PRI  Muscari Album
PRI  Muscari Double Grape Hyacinth
PRI  Muscari Grape Hyacinth
PRI  Narcissus Canaliculatus
PRI  Narcissus Double Bridal Crown
PRI  Narcissus Double Campanelle
PRI  Narcissus February Gold
PRI  Narcissus Hawera
PRI  Narcissus Jack Snipe
PRI  Narcissus Jetfire
PRI  Narcissus Jonquilla Bell Song
PRI  Narcissus Minnow
PRI  Narcissus Paperwhite
PRI  Narcissus Pipit
PRI  Narcissus Skype
PRI  Narcissus Thalia
PRI  Narcissus White Marvel
PRI  Oxalis Adenophylla
PRI  Pushchkinia Striped Squill
PRI  Scilla Blue Bells
PRI  Scilla Sibirica
PRI  Sparaxis Harlequin Flower
PRI  Tulip A Blue Spectacle
PRI  Tulip Appledoorn
PRI  Tulip Ballade
PRI  Tulip Black Parrot
PRI  Tulip Burning Heart
PRI  Tulip Candy Prince
PRI  Tulip Cape Cod
PRI  Tulip Concerto
PRI  Tulip Elegant Lady
PRI  Tulip Flaming Purissima
PRI  Tulip Gavota
PRI  Tulip Golden Appledoorn
PRI  Tulip Leen Van Der Mark
PRI  Tulip Lilac Wonder
PRI  Tulip Marjolein
PRI  Tulip Merlot
PRI  Tulip Monsella
PRI  Tulip Monte Carlo
PRI  Tulip Mount Tacoma
PRI  Tulip Negrita


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